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Elastimold™ Molded vacuum switches – MVS
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Elastimold™ Molded vacuum switches – MVS

Spring-energy, load-switching devices that make, carry, and interrupt load currents through 600A on 5-38 kV distribution systems.
  • Ethylene propylene diene monomer  - EPDM molded rubber insulation - MVSs and fully sealed and submersible
  • With no gas or oil leak, vacuum switching and vacuum interruption components are maintenance-free
  • Small footprint enables MVSs to fit in tight pad-mount, subsurface, vault, or riser-pole installations
MVS molded vacuum switches include molded-in elbow connection interfaces and spring-energy mechanisms. Available in both single- and three-phase models, units are manually operated with a hotstick. Motor operator, SCADA and auto-transfer control options are available.

Application information

  • Construction: submersible, corrosion-resistant, fully shielded
  • Operating temperature range: -40˚C to 65˚C


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