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Residential Meter Stacks

 ReliaMod Residential Modular Metering Stacks

ReliaMod™ Residential Meter Stacks are utilized in multifamily applications and consist of 2-6 commonly bussed meter sockets with branch circuit protection.

Meter stacks are mechanically and electrically built to connect with main modules and other meter stacks to secure an optimized power distribution.

Features and benefits

  • All ringless type meter stacks include a 5th jaw factory installed if single phase, and a 7th jaw factory installed if three-phase
  • All ring-type meter stacks are supplied with 4-jaw meter sockets (5th jaw kit available for field installation)
  • Shear nuts are included on all horizontal bus connections to eliminate the need for time-consuming torque readings. This breakaway nut provides a visual indicator of torque
  • Meter stacks are offered in both 800A cross-bus and 1200a cross-bus versions for flexibility
  • Factory installed lugs for quick connections

Technical specifications

  • Ring-type: ringless, ringless with horn bypass, and ringless with lever bypass socket designs are available
  • Sockets are offered in 125A, and 225A
  • Tenant breakers are offered fully rated up to 100kAIC in both 125A and 225A sockets

Certifications and standards

UL Listed, 1-phase and 3-phase


  • Multi-family apartments
  • Multi-family mixed use