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ReliaGear LV MCC

ReliaGear LV MCC

The next level in motor control centers

ReliaGear® LV MCC provides a safer, smarter, and more sustainable means to protect and control motors by featuring SACE® Tmax® XT breaker technology, UMC 100.3 motor protection relays, and the ACS580 family of variable frequency drives. 

This flagship low voltage motor control center is full-featured for any industry need, with up to 3200A bus, across-the-line starters with SACE Tmax XT motor circuit protectors through size 5, and variable frequency drives and softstarters up to 500 HP.

ReliaGear LV MCC product line features standard and arc flash mitigation (AFM) units.  AFM units, with retractable stabs, are designed to help reduce the likelihood of exposure to electrical shock and the potential of internal arcing faults occurring during maintenance.

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Safe. Smart. Sustainable.

Built to the UL845 standard, ReliaGear LV MCC is designed with safety and flexibility in mind.

  • Reinforced cabinet door latches and more robust breaker handles help increase mechanical endurance and reliability during operation, and also help provide an additional layer of operator protection. 
  • Multiple mechanical interlocks and padlock provisions are standard, to limit access to energized parts and provide safety for personnel. 
  • Arc flash mitigation units are available and include retractable stabs that enable removal from the main bus outside the arc flash boundary. The engagement position of both the stabs and the vertical bus shutters is indicated on the front cover without the need to open the unit door.

ReliaGear LV MCC leverages the superior technology available in ABB components, including variable frequency drives, circuit breakers, relays, soft starters, and automatic transfer switches.

  • ABB’s world-class ACS580 drives: The ACS580 drive is simple to use and maintain, with pre-set parameters and straightforward settings, a common platform across a wide range of horsepower options, and an optional Bluetooth control panel that provides remote monitoring and control outside the arc flash boundary. The ACS580 drives are available up to 500 HP and can be configured for many applications and control schemes. 
  • ABB’s SACE Tmax XT circuit breakers enable communication with breakers down to the smallest loads. Basic thermal magnetic or Ekip Dip trip units are available, and for advanced communication applications, the Ekip Touch, or Hi-Touch, can interface with energy management systems on a much larger scale.
  •  ABB’s Universal Motor Controller UMC 100.3 is an intelligent data hub for predictive applications, maintenance, and asset management. UMC100.3 is modular in design and easily upgradable, as control and protection requirements change over time.
  • PSTx Softstarters: PSTx softstarters are available up to 500HP and feature built-in Modbus and Anybus modules that support all major communication protocolsPSTx softstarters reduce the mechanical stress on motor applications, helping to increase system uptime.

ReliaGear LV MCC offers a sustainable design that provides customers with the flexibility to refresh technology and maintain equipment for decades to come.

  • Designed with an optimal compact footprint and flexible construction, it’s easy to move and replace starters and feeders as load requirements change. 
  • Standard units can be field converted to arc flash mitigation units with AFM retrofit kit. 
  • 25” deep back-to-back shared bus construction is also available for floor space optimization.
  • Service options available for installed base, including UL replacement units and renewal parts for equipment dating back to 1960.