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The MNS-MCC, low voltage motor control center for ANSI/NEMA/UL is the result of over 30 years of experience with the design, manufacturing and application of low voltage motor control.

To achieve the greatest possible flexibility, the MNS-MCC motor control center offers plug-in, withdrawable and full height unit technology, with up to 4000A horizontal and 1600A vertical bus.


Designed for the highest degree of safety, ease of installation and maintenance, reliability and flexibility, the MNS-MCC provides users with maximum uptime.  Its unique and innovative design raises the bar in arc flash protection for low voltage motor control centers. The MNS-MCC provides industry-leading features that afford operators the highest degree of safety and efficiency while performing both normal and maintenance operations.



  • Safe and reliable
  • Easy to use
  • Flexible configurations
  • Easy to maintain



  • Up to 100kA at 480V and 65kA at 600V
  • 4000A horizontal bus; 1600A vertical bus available
  • Arc resistant per ANSI C37.20.7 for 600V 65kA

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