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Power Panels
ReliaGear neXT
ReliaGear™ Next Power Panel - Modular, field-modifiable panel design and ABB’s groundbreaking Tmax® XT circuit breakers to simplify installation and servicing and enhance...
Spectra Series Power Panelboards
Offer plug-in and bolt-on style interiors for use in all Spectra Series* Power Panelboard applications.
Spectra* Series Integrated Submetering Panelboard
Suitable for either new construction or retrofit, the Spectra Series Integrated Submetering Panelboard combines the benefits of a multi-tenant digital meter with a reliable...
GenTower* for Spectra Power Panelboards
Suitable for small to medium sized commercial spaces with services of 1200A or less that require critical power at all times. Allows for quick and easy connection to an...
Bypass Isolation Panel
The Bypass Isolation Panel enables complete removal of power from your UPS system while maintaining an active critical load bus.

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