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Lighting Panels

Lighting Panels
ReliaGear RD lighting panelboards
RD adds smart XT2 thermal-magnetic Ekip DIP or ekip DIP Hi-touch as branch breakers enabling cloud connectivity and remote monitoring by smartphone.
ReliaGear OEM panelboards
ReliaGear OEM panelboards Type G or Type L offer high performance and design flexibility to complete your low voltage power distribution solutions.
ReliaGear Lighting Panelboards
By integrating SACE® FORMULA A2 & SACE® Tmax® XT as mains and sub-feeds in the RQ, RL, RE, and RS, ABB delivers a new generation of lighting panels.
ReliaGear Lighting Panelboards with AMP1
ReliaGear lighting panelboards with AMP1 monitor key electrical parameters and provides a detailed energy consumption report to improve energy efficiency and control costs.
ReliaGear Lighting Panels with Branch Circuit Monitoring
ReliaGear lighting panelboards with branch circuit monitoring track energy and power down to the individual branch circuit to improve energy efficiency and control costs.
ProLine Panelboards
ProLine panelboards are the perfect and compact solution for applications where reliable power distribution is critical to their operations.
Pro-Stock lighting panel
Get almost any lighting panel you want - Right Now! Modular kits can be pulled from a distributor stock and assembled to form over 1500 different lighting panel...

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