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A-Series* II AMP1 Integrated Power & Energy Meter

A-Series* II AMP1 Integrated Power & Energy Meter

Your efforts to reduce energy consumption begin with making smart decisions. Let our integrated A-Series II Panelboard solutions help you to identify potential measures that put you on the path to energy and cost savings.


Simply tie your Type AQ, AE, AS panelboard with our  AMP1 Integrated Power & Energy Meter (into a building automation system) to know where your power goes and how much you’re using.


AMP1 Integrated Power & Energy Meter monitors key electrical parameters of the main power coming into the panelboard. The factory installed AMP1 meter is a completely integrated solution ideal for tenant billing and cost allocation.


See Brochure for Selection Guide


AMP1 Meter Application Guidelines
Max Voltage                       240 V                                          480Y/277V, 125/250 Vdc 480Y/277V, 125/250 Vdc
Max Amperage 800A 800A 800A
Fully Rated 65kAIC at 240V 18kAIC at 480Y/277V, 65kAIC at 240V 65kAIC at 480Y/277V, 100kAIC at 240V
Series Rated 200kAIC at 240V 100kAIC at 480V 100kAIC at 480V
Main Lug 600 Amp Max 600 Amp Max 600 Amp Max
Main Breakers QB, SE, SF, SG, SK TEY, TEYF, SE, SF, SG, SK TEYD/H/L, SE, SF, SG, SK
Branch Breakers 15A-100A, 1P,2P,3P QB  15A-100A, 1P,2P,3P TEY or TEYF 
15A-100A, 1P,2P,3P TEYD/H/L 


Features and Benefits

  • A-Series* II panelboard features
    - Symmetrical design – top or bottom mount
    - Galvanized enclosures with removable endwalls
    - Flush or surface mounting
    - Interiors that allow “straight-in” wiring
    - Field-installable, 200% neutral for non-linear loads
    - Branch-bus direct connection
    - Captive hardware on branch breakers
    - Bussed TVSS for maximum surge protection
    - Optional door-in-door or front-hinged-to-box door
    - NEMA Type 1, 3R/12 or 4/4X enclosures


  • AMP1 features
    - Solutions up to 800A
    - Revenue Grade, ANSI 12.20 0.5% accuracy
    - Monitors voltage, amperage, power, and energy
    - Backlit LCD Display
    - Data logging option to ensure data is still preserved locally
    - Communicates via Modbus** RTU or BACnet – Versatile and widely used protocols.
    - User-enabled password protection
    - UL-67 approved
    - Earn points towards LEED Certification


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