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Spectra GenTower

Spectra GenTower

Power outages are unpredictable and they can bring your facility to a halt - for an unknown length of time.

GenTower is a stand-alone, permanent solution. It easily connects a mobile generator to feed the main power system without modifications to the building or the electrical system. This saves costs for both labor and downtime.

The stand-alone version's NEMA 3R enclosure installs in any location accessible to a mobile generator. This is a logical, cost-efficient solution for anyone who needs to quickly and easily connect a portable generator during a power outage - facilities such as walk-in/urgent care medical facilities, pharmacies, grocery stores, retirement communities and gas stations for example.

Features & Benefits

  • Side entry offers quick and easy generator connection and allows for bottom load exit if required
  • Spectra RMS breakers deliver greater flexibility and quicker, more accurate reaction to faults than thermal magnetic breakers
  • Two Kirk Key interlocks offer more security than mechanical interlocks, since keys are needed to transfer power
  • Top and bottom lugs expand load exit options and reduce cable/wire bending
  • Storage compartment allows all compatible connectors can be purchased and stored for quick access