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A softstarter from ABB offers you several values and benefits. Whether you are a consultant, OEM, panel builder or end-user, a softstarter will add to your business value by helping to secure motor reliability, improving installation efficiency and increasing application productivity. Typical full-speed applications include pumps, fans, compressor and conveyors and many others. Softstarters are used to start and stop motors in full-speed applications. It eliminates common problems associated with motor starting and stopping, including electrical surges, spikes and high inrush currents. Because it offers soft starting and stopping, a softstarter is the optimal compromise between a direct-on-line or star-delta starter and a variable speed drive in many full-speed motor applications.

Enclosed Softstarters

PSE efficient range softstarters are a cost-effective solution for all applications and are available from 20-300 HP and from 18-370 A.
Designed to perform reliably in nearly any environment and on almost any application, the PSTX-ND Enclosed Softstarters combines the best of ABB’s wide range of industrial…
PSTX extreme duty softstarters include all features of the PSTX normal duty, sized for heavy-duty applications, plus an AC-3 emergency bypass. Available from 50-900 HP.

Open Softstarters

Open softstarters are ready to include in control panels and other OEM applications. For heavy-duty applications, upsize to the next size softstarter in each range.

The new generation PSE is a true general-purpose softstarter.
The PSR softstarter range is a simple yet reliable starting solution that utilizes only the most basic of soft starting features: soft start and stop.
The PSTX is our latest advancement in motor control and protection which adds new functionality with increased reliability to any motor starting application.