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OVRHT3D is ideal for use in sub-distribution and point-of-use applications like UL 508 panelboards helping protect sensitive electronic equipment against the damaging effects of power surges caused by lightning, utility load switching, internal load switching, and more. Its space-saving design is ideal for compact installations. With individual thermally protected MOVs, the OVRHT3D takes itself offline safely without the need for overcurrent protection.


Features & Benefits

  • UL 1449 Listed Type 1 eliminates the need for occurrent protection from a fuse or breaker
  • Individual thermally fused and protected MOVs deliver protection from voltage spikes
  • Multiple MOVs eliminate single-point failure
  • Durable NEMA 4X rated enclosure suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Green LED light provides an easy indicator of surge protection operational status
  • Space-saving design is ideal for compact installations
  • 3-year warranty standard

Technical Specifications

  • Maximum Surge Current Rating: 50 kA per phase
  • UL Type Designation: Type 1
  • UL 1449 I-nominal Rating: 20 kA
  • UL 1449 Short Circuit Current Rating (SCCR): 200 kAIC
  • Operating Frequency: 50 – 60 Hz

Certifications & Standards

  • UL 1449 5th Edition: 2021, cULus, (UL File: VZCA E316636)
  • ANSI/IEEE C62.41.1-2002, C62.41.2-2002, C62.45-2002,
  • NEC® 2020 Article 285
  • REACH & California Prop 65


  • Single point-of-use applications
  • Panelboard 400A and below
  • Process automation systems
  • HVAC systems/Pumps
  • Control boxes