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Fusible Disconnects

ABB Fusible Disconnects - Switch fuses

Our OS range includes manually operated switch fuses from 20 to 1250 Amperes, available for all types of fuses: DIN, BS, NFC, CC, JJ and L types.

Reliable in extreme conditions
The knife contact design in combination with the fuse link enables rapid fault clearance and maintains protection level even after fault occurs. The knife contact is self-cleaning and maintenance free.

Easy to install
Thanks to a modular structure, the mechanism and poles can be located according to your specific installation requirements. The length of the shaft is adjustable, saving up to 50% installation time. Double cabling is possible.

Safety and protection
Interlocking fuse covers prevent opening while the switch is in the ON position. The fuse links are fully isolated from both ends when the switch is in OFF position.

Speed up your project
Tested type 2 co-ordination tables for motor protection are available online, for a fast and easy selection of ABB motor protection devices.