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OTDC Disconnects

The OTDC disconnects for photovoltaic and ESS applications range from 16A to 1000A, UL, and 16A to 1600A, IEC. Specially designed for DC applications which offer reliable switching for a wide range of photovoltaic (PV) applications and Energy Storage Systems (ESS) applications up to 1500VDC.

DC disconnects are optimized for photovoltaic (PV) and Energy Storage Systems (ESS) applications. In PV applications, the DC disconnects are used inside string combiners and inverters. In ESS applications, the disconnects are used as the main switch of energy storage Power Conversion Systems (PCS) and/or in the battery section to protect battery racks.

Highlights of the new 2-pole OTDC “M” series up to 1500VDC:

  • Tested according to IEC60947-3 and UL98B
  • IEC, UL, EAC and CCC approval
  • Ratings according to utilization category DC-PV2 and mechanical endurance 10.000 operating cycles
  • Disconnect up to three PV circuits with one single switch
  • Rated conditional short-circuit current for the unique ESS-types 30kA
  • Optimized arc chamber with long opening angle with patented DMB© - Dual Magnetic Breaking
  • Inspection window for a direct view of the contact position
  • Symmetrical pole design enables independent polarity
  • Grounded and un-grounded types available

PV application OTDC can be used in the centralized topology in the string combiner and re-combiner box or directly in the central inverter. In addition, in a decentralized topology, OTDC can be used in the separate string combiner box before string inverter or integrated into the 1MPPT string inverters.

ESS application OTDC can be used as the main switch to protect DC-side of Energy Storage Power Conversion (PCS), battery section, or prior to the battery rack.

Product Offering

  • Enclosed DC switches OTDCP 16…32A (IEC) from 16 to 32 Amperes (IEC 60947) offers various DC voltage ratings and a control of up to two circuits within the same footprint area.
  • OTDC 16...32A (IEC and UL) The most efficient disconnect switch solution is also available as UL 508I version.
  • OTDC 100…250A (IEC and UL) from 100A up to 250A (IEC 60947) and from 100 to 250A (UL98B) for 1000V DC, and from 100A up to 250A (IEC 60947) and from 100 to 200A (UL98B) for 1500V DC. Side operated versions are available from 100 to 250A (UL).
  • OTDC 250…800A (IEC and UL) Simply optimal makes it possible to operate with just one switch up to three 1500V
  • OTDC 1000...1600A (IEC), 800...1000A (UL) for high-powered photovoltaic applications
  • With the extension of the OTDC range to high currents of up to 1600 A, 1000 VDC, IEC and 1000 A, 1000 VDC, UL98B, ABB now meets the needs and demands of high-power inverters and recombiners.