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EntelliGuard TU Trip Unit

EntelliGuard TU Trip Uni

Our EntelliGuard TU is the trip unit with the built-in flexibility required to match your system's needs, whether for optimum safety, optimum system reliability, or both at the same time. Whether you're using all GE circuit breakers or a mixed system of breakers and fusible devices, the EntelliGuard TU will accommodate your needs with minimal compromise and maximum functionality.

The EntelliGuard TU trip unit provides the industry's most advanced instantaneous protection without compromising system selectivity.

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Features and benefits

  • Instantaneous - Zone Selective Interlocking (I-ZSI)
    Builds on the Short Time and Ground fault interlocking by now providing the ability to overlap the Instantaneous setting on the Main and Feeder breakers. Now I-ZSI can be used for selectivity!
  • Instantaneous - Waveform Recognition
    Instantaneous trip is based on the amount of energy and duration versus a threshold current setting (MVT). Improves coordination with current limiting devices by discerning whether a downstream breaker/fuse is clearing the fault. Provides ability to set the Instantaneous pickup below the peak let thru of a downstream current limiting device while maintaining selectivity!
  • RELT- Reduced Energy Let Through with Positive Feedback
    Two independent instantaneous settings selectable via an external switch or Modbus communications with positive indication via an output contact. Commonly referred to in the industry as an "Arc Flash Switch" or "Maintenance Switch."
  • Additional Features and Benefits:
    - Large Backlit LCD screen with detailed descriptions***
    - LED health status indicator***
    - Status and Event Log with Date/Time Stamp (10 Events)***
    - Free Set-up Software
    - Full Metering and Relaying***
    - Thermal Memory
    - Universal rating plugs
    - Programmable Input and Output Relays***
    - Meets and surpasses all applicable UL, ANSI, NEMA and IEC standards
    - WaveForm Capture (4 cycles prior, 4 cycles after, 40 samples/cycle)
    - Open Communication Protocols: Modbus 485 RTU and Profibus (EntelliGuard G Breaker Only)***
    - Plug and Play replacement without breaker rewiring for RMS-9, MVT, MVT+, EPIC, MVT M/PM Trip Units Legacy

***Some options require additional 24 VDC