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Switchboards are used to transmit electricity from one source to another, and allow the current to be divided into smaller currents for further electric distribution. Switchboards include various devices such as fusible switches, or circuit breakers to feed smaller loads of electrical currents. ABB and GE provide a large offering of switchboards that are used in industries such as Healthcare, Industrial, Mining, Oil & Gas, Data Center, and Telecom. With switchboard offerings such as group mounted, generator connection, individually mounted, and metering, ABB and GE's switchboard portfolio has the product for your switchboard application needs.

Let us help you #ContractorBetter ABB Tmax® XT Retrofit Kit for Spectra™


Group Mounted

ReliaGear™ SB switchboard is a safer, smarter, and more sustainable solution for projects of any size.
A single section service entrance switchboard for the Canadian market.
Suitable for commercial applications, available in three models: the AV1 1200A, the AV2 5000A, and the AV5 5000A. Integrated submetering with EPM1500/EPM4500 is optional.

Generator Connection

Be ready to restore power quickly and efficiently with GenTower.

Individually Mounted

Feature individually-mounted breaker compartments for ABB’s complete product family of insulated case breakers.


ABB's modular construction takes up less space, is available in a fraction of the time versus standard switchboards, is cost competitive, and can be delivered and installed…

Previous Generation Switchboards