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US Electrification


Group Mounted

Evolution Switchboard
Offers both superior selectivity and rigorous arc flash protection with Instantaneous Zone Selective Interlocking (I-ZSI) and Reduced Energy Let Through (RELT).
Pro-Stock Spectra Series Plug-in Switchboards
The Pro-Stock Spectra Series Switchboard is designed especially to address requirements of your small project needs.
Spectra* Series Switchboard
Suitable for commercial applications, available in three models: the AV1 1200A, the AV2 5000A, and the AV5 5000A. Integrated submetering with EPM1500/EPM4500 is optional.
Spectra* Series Integrated Switchboard
Suitable for commercial applications where space, time and cost savings are required.
Spectra* Series Switchboard (Canadian Market)
A single section service entrance switchboard for the Canadian market.

Generator Connection

GenTower* Generator Connection
Be ready to restore power quickly and efficiently with GenTower.

Individually Mounted

AV-3 and PBII Switchboard
Feature individually-mounted breaker compartments for GE's complete product family of breakers


Commercial Metering Switchboard
GE's modular construction takes up less space, is available in a fraction of the time versus standard switchboards, is cost competitive, and can be delivered and...

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