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Entellisys 5.6 Intelligent Low Voltage Switchgear

Entellisys® 5.6 gives real-time visibility into power distribution networks and the switchgear protecting them. Redundant architecture and communicating devices, coupled with best-in-class diagnostics, mean higher system availability, making Entellisys 5.6 a system that customers can really count on. The intelligent low voltage switchgear leverages sophisticated technology to protect low voltage power distribution systems, representing a significant advantage over traditional switchgear.

Entellisys 5.6 reduces downtime, while improving operator safety. The newest iteration of Entellisys switchgear offers enhanced safety, advanced communications, and predictive diagnostics, and is easier to install, monitor, and maintain, while offering greater functionality. Entellisys 5.6 is available in all ANSI markets where NEMA standards are prevalent.


Entellisys 5.6 takes a two-pronged approach to safety by reducing activity risk while lowering incident energy. Reduced energy let-through (RELT) mode lowers potential arc flash energy when operators are working near equipment. A touchscreen HMI in a remote-control stack or wall-mounted enclosure keeps operators safely outside the arc flash boundary where they can monitor, operate, and troubleshoot away from live gear. Remote circuit breaker racking allows operators to safely rack breakers in and out while remaining outside the arc flash boundary.

Entellisys 5.6 uses real-time monitoring and diagnostics to help reduce downtime. Engineered with multiple redundancy levels for protection and control, Entellisys 5.6 helps to ensure system readiness for mission-critical applications. Power transfers, load control, and emergency power restoration are critical concerns for customers in oil & gas, data center, industrial, and infrastructure markets. With traditional gear, two 90 percent reliable components in a series yield 81 percent reliability. With Entellisys 5.6, the same components, in parallel, yield 99 percent system reliability.

Centralized architecture significantly reduces components and wiring by deploying hardened devices and software diagnostics. System maintenance is based on actual mechanical and electrical usage, rather than on a fixed calendar.

Features & Ratings

  • Up to 6000 A horizontal bus and 5000 A breakers
  • 150 kAIC@ 480 V, 100 kAIC@ 600 V
  • EntelliGuardE breakers
  • UL-1558 equipment and UL-1066 breakers
  • NEMA 1, 3R (contact factory). Control stack in climate-controlled area
  • IEEE C37.20.1 (Non-arc-res). (Arc-res upon request only.)
  • UBC-2015 seismically rated

Optional Features

  • Rear extensions to 60, 67, 74-inch-deep frame
  • Infrared scanning window in rear doors
  • Lockable T-handles on circuit breaker cubicle door
  • Lockable T-handles on rear doors
  • Overhead breaker lifting hoist