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Low Voltage Switchgear

AKD-20 Low-Voltage Switchgear
Continues the AKD tradition while delivering enhanced arc flash protection. It fits into a smaller area for the most common configurations. Replaces the AKD-10 switchgear.
Entellisys 5.0 Low-Voltage Switchgear
Provides both protection and selectivity without compromising one for the other. Combines power distribution protection, control, monitoring, diagnostic, and ease-of-use.
Arc Vault Protection System
An innovative step forward in Arc Flash protection! The GE Arc Vault system offers significant benefits compared to existing products and systems.
 Gerapid DC OEM Module - Low Voltage Switchgear
For use with Gerapid High-Speed DC circuit breakers.
AKD-20 and Entellisys AR - Low Voltage Switchgear
AKD-20 and Entellisys Arc Resistant (AR) Switchgear solutions are for applications where an extra margin of safety is essential.

Medium Voltage Switchgear

medium voltage switchgear
Advance® is ABB’s ANSI platform for 5, 15 and 27 kV rated metal-clad, medium voltage switchgear featuring a narrow footprint and designed and tested according to IEEE C37.20....
SafePlus Secondary Gas Insulated Switchgear
SafePlus is a metal-enclosed compact switchgear system for distribution applications from 6 to 40.5 kV
SecoGear Metal Clad Switchgear
SecoGear is available in standard IEEE metal-clad construction.

Load Interrupter Switches

Seco Breakmaster V Medium Voltage LIS with SecoVac Breaker
ABB’s Breakmaster V solution provides reduced Arc Flash incident energy levels for customers on their existing MV equipment.
BreakMaster Load Interrupter Switch - Medium Voltage Switchgear
Provides dependable, economical load switching and protection for MV circuit applications from 2.4 through 15kV in 600 or 1200 ampere load interrupting ratings. ATS option...
Medium Voltage LIS Retrofit Solution
GE's Medium Voltage LIS Retrofit solution provides reduced Arc Flash incident energy levels for customers on their existing MV equipment.

Previous Generation Switchgear

AKD-10 Low Voltage Metal Enclosed
This section is for documentation related to AKD-10.
This section is for documentation related to earlier generations of Entellisys.

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