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ReliaGear LV SG Switchgear

ReliaGear LV SG switchgear

The ReliaGear® LV SG low voltage switchgear platform incorporates the best of both worlds: cutting edge Emax 2 air circuit breaker technology integrated into the proven AKD low voltage switchgear platform. This new generation LV switchgear platform provides the latest technological innovations and reliability that customers expect from ABB.

ReliaGear LV SG brings reliability and innovation to the switchgear platform with ratings that range from 2000 A–8000 A as main bus and utilizing SACE Emax 2 ACB covering 800 A–6000 A frames served by four envelopes (E1.2, E2.2, E4.2 and E6.2) and up to 600 V nominal equipment class compliance.

Take switchgear innovation to the next level

Safe. Smart. Sustainable

Enhanced protection

  • Closed door racking
  • ZSI on instantaneous
  • RELT ready
  • Full remote operation
  • Padlocking

Easy to install

  • Integrated auto transfer
  • 1% metering option
  • 8 different communication protocols
  • Bluetooth connectivity

Outstanding reliability

  • ABB Ability™ (PM data)
  • Ekip Connect for settings uploads
  • Ekip Connect commissioning reports
  • User replaceable accessories (fast and simple)

Features and benefits

  • Footprint: E1.2 envelope integration provides a 15-inch minimum four-high stack width.    
  • Enhancement: E6.2 provides a 5000 A natural ventilated configuration where reliability is a concern and a forced ventilated 6000 A for maximum current usage.
  • Metering: Ekip trip unit with high accuracy measurement, optional; Integral 1 percent metering; no external CTs, PTs or meters required.
  • Functionality: M-T-M or Utility-Gen auto transfer built in to the Ekip Trip Unit. No external relays, PLCs or devices required. With optional sync check module on breaker for closed transitions.
  • Accuracy: current 0.5%, voltage 0.5%, power 1%, energy 1%
  • Low current detection, starting from 0.4% of In
  • Perfectly suitable for SCADA integration
  • Analysis of energy demand