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Cyberex PowerBuilt

ABB's Cyberex® PowerBuilt™ Industrial UPS is a true online double-conversion industrial UPS designed to support the continuing demand from downstream refining and petrochemical processing, upstream oil and gas processing, power generation, and the growing regulatory and safety needs of today’s industrial complexes.

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  • Ratings from 10 kVA to 30 kVA at 480 VAC 
  • Wide input voltage range (–20%/+10%) at full load 
  • ± 1% RMS of the DC battery voltage at 100% load with battery connected 
  • High AC efficiency (83 percent typical)
  • Parallel redundant configuration available
  • Phase-Locked Loop (PLL) control system
  • Active current limitation in pulse-width modulation (PWM) inverter design
  • Modbus over Ethernet/Profibus communication protocols
  • Full color GUI touch screen for self guided diagnostics
  • Small footprint with robust fail-safe modular industrial design
  • Easy serviceability
  • Meets UL 1778 safety and IEC 62040-3 performance standards
  • UL listings available


  • IGBT-based PWM inverter
  • Digital signal processing (DSP)
  • Full-color touch screen monitor panel, 6" X 8"
  • Full isolation – input/output transformers
  • Fully rated static switch
  • Maintenance bypass switch
  • Superior short-circuit detection
  • UV shunt trip on battery disconnect
  • Alternate source input breaker
  • Phase-locked loops for higher reliability
  • Redundant design with no single point of failure


  • RS-485 (modbus two/four wire) port. Modbus RTU & ASCII
  • USB service port
  • EPO input


  • Vermin shield
  • Wire markers
  • Redundant system cooling
  • Enclosure powder coating in ANSI 61 gray

Mimic/LED indications

1% accuracy digital metering

Alarm assembly with local LEDs for: 

  • On inverter
  • On static bypass
  • On battery
  • MBS normal
  • Check battery
  • Battery undervoltage
  • Battery overvoltage
  • Overload
  • Fan failure
  • Rectifier AC input undervoltage
  • Cabinet overtemperature
  • Alternate AC input
  • Undervoltage
  • Heatsink overtemperature
  • Out of sync
  • Summary alarm