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EntelliGuard TU Conversion Kit

Conversion/upgrade kits include everything you need.

Normal wear and tear of aging electro-mechanical trip devices on low-voltage circuit breakers can lead to loss of calibration that jeopardizes system coordination, protection and reliability.

ABB has channeled its decades of trip system experience into the development of the EntelliGuard TU Trip Unit, which incorporates advanced algorithms that enable arc flash protection and selectivity at the same time.

Upgrade and conversion kits are ANSI C37.59 design verification tested to ensure safe, reliable operation.

Download the brochure

These kits extend the life of your mechanically sound breaker and they:

  • eliminate costly downtime due to nuisance tripping via a Waveform Recognition Instantaneous Algorithm
  • improve electrical power system coordination and protection
  • permit easy upgrades to communicating Power Management Control Systems (PMCS), open Modbus RTU protocol
  • enable the implementation of RELT and Zone Selective Interlock Instantaneous to reduce arc flash energy levels


Features and benefits

  • AK, AKR, Westinghouse, ITE, Allis Chalmers Conversion Kits
    - EntelliGuard TU trip unit and rating plug
    - Direct acting flux shifter with automatic reset
    - Epoxy encapsulated high-accuracy current transformers
    - Specially designed mounting hardware and wire harnesses with communication cable and RELT harness for easy upgrade later
    - Detailed instruction manual
  • EPIC, RMS9, MVT+, MVT PM Upgrade Options
    - EntelliGuard TU trip unit and rating plug
    - RELT and Ground Fault Alarm Harness Kits (see below)
    - RELT Switch with warning labels kit - GTURSK
    - Communication cable for Modbus & 24 VDC
    - Power Break II carrier plate assemblies (authorized service only)
    - WavePro secondary disconnect kits
  • Algorithms enabling arc flash protection and selectivity
    - RELT - Reduced Energy Let Through
    - Zone Selective Interlocking - Instantaneous (ZSI-I)
    - Waveform Recognition Instantaneous - coordinates with current limiting devices and reduces nuisance trips
    - Flexible time current curves - create the shape you need
  • Reliability - Health Status
    - Non-volatile memory with continuous self-testing microprocessor
    - Health Status LED indicates normal operation, errors, pickup, trip
    - External power not required with long-life lithium battery
    - Positive setpoint recognition, values flash until saved
  • Plug and Play
    - Same form, fit, function as the popular MicroVersaTrip trip unit, simplifying upgrade to an existing converted breaker