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Trip Unit Toolkit

Insights today. Performance tomorrow.

The Trip Unit Toolkit is a free software package that enables users to manage, monitor, test and customize the parameters present in EntelliGuard, PremEon, microEntelliGuard trip units. Its powerful and intuitive interface provides simple, easy access to manage functionality from startup and commissioning to maintenance and testing directly on your personal computer. Plus this software easily integrates with new or existing circuit breaker / trip unit installations.

Download Software  NOTE - File Size is approximately 172MB.

For Installation Instructions - click here.   For Language packs - click here.

Features and benefits

The Trip Unit Toolkit makes it easy and convenient to set parameters for overcurrent, alarms, I/O relays and ZSI. When connected, the values are read from the trip unit memory via the serial port located on the front screen of the trip unit. The intuitive software interface includes data such as metering values and timings for overload or ground fault protection.

Use the Protection Settings tab to modify and save values into the trip unit memory. If available, other settings such as the protection relays, alarms, relay inputs/outputs, Reduced Energy Let Thru (RELT) and Zone Selective Interlocking (ZSI) may be read and saved in the same manner.

For your added convenience, you can manage and edit trip settings offline or create an offline data file. This allows you to save your settings quickly, and easily copy and paste to multiple trip units in your installation.

Troubleshooting or simple performance checks are easy with the Trip Unit Toolkit. The Monitor tab displays waveforms, event logs, and real-time data including metering, phasor, diagrams and circuit breaker status. 

The software also tracks and provides critical predictive analytics such as contact wear and mechanism timing, and compares the most recent event to the original factory performance testing.

Using the Trip Unit Toolkit, you can digitally test, record and share results for circuit breaker diagnosis. The Test tab provides the flexibility to set circuit breaker specifications for overcurrent and ground fault, and then test it in either a trip or no trip mode for curve validation. 
The Test tab also provides the ability to create a sequence so your operators can run multiple tests remotely - safely removed from the equipment. For added convenience, the software generates a downloadable summary test log for your reference.


Trip Unit Toolkit

The trip unit requires an external power source for toolkit operation.

  • For PremEon S and G trip units the power supply from a connected laptop via a standard USB to micro USB cable will suffice. 

  • For EntelIiGuard TU and microEntelliGuard trip units a GTUTK20 test kit is required for laptop integration. The test kit uses a serial interface for communications and power. (Note: For computers without a serial communication port a USB to RS232 adaptor is required