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SACE Emax 2 Retrofill Circuit Breaker

Advanced retrofill solutions with SACE® Emax 2 circuit breakesr to replace legacy GE AK, AKR, and WavePro circuit breakers in legacy GE AKD-5, AKD-6, AKD-8, AKD-10 and OEM switchgear. 

Designed to retrofill the existing low voltage circuit breaker compartment with a streamlined solution to give switchgear a new lease on life, the SACE Emax 2 Retrofill replaces the existing legacy breaker with a modern breaker that does not require cubicle bus or racking modifications. Compatible with existing legacy GE AKD-5, 6, 8 10 - switchgear, the SACE Emax 2 Retrofill Circuit Breaker has an interrupting rating equal to or greater than the legacy breaker. The Retrofill circuit breaker meets the standards and testing criteria of the latest version of ANSI, NEMA, and IEEE.

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Reduced project and labor costs

• Retains existing switchgear structure, conduits, cabling and footprint
• Secondary disconnect wiring connection works without modifications to your switchgear
• Innovative neutral CT adapter design allows you to use existing neutral CT in your switchgear
• Maintains UL listings without additional charges

Minimized downtime

• Minimal or no cubicle modifications means decreased change-out times
• Compatible with shutters racking mechanism in existing circuit breaker cubicles
• Interfaces with original cubicle secondary disconnects, position switches and neutral disconnects

Protection for people and equipment

• Exclusive Ekip Trip Unit technology uses zone selective interlocking (ZSI), Dual setting protection, reduced energy let-through (RELT), and helps reduce arc flash energy without sacrificing selectivity settings.
• Trip unit and all indicators are visible through the door; through-the-door and remote racking helps reduce exposure to arc flash or electrical shock.

Continuous operation

PREDICT feature in ABB Ability™ Energy and Asset Manager for Predictive Maintenance. Reduction of the total life cost of the switchgear and spare parts availability. Diagnosis and installation with Ekip Connect Software.


Helps extend the life span of your electrical equipment by keeping it operational and efficient, without costly cubicle modifications. Helps to reduce energy use and carbon emissions.


  • UL listed (tested in original GE gear)
  • Increases short circuit rating on AK-25 and AKR-30S while maintaining UL listing
  • Remote racking using the modern racking device
  • High-quality modern mechanism means a lower maintenance circuit breaker
  • Through-the-door racking
  • Single finger cluster design generates less heat, provides a solid and reliable connection and reduces number of failure mode points when compared to designs with finger clusters on both the cassette and circuit breaker (Direct Replacement models)
  • Factory pre-wired for WavePro retrofill to simplify site installation
  • Easy field wiring of AK-AKR retrofill with ABB provided AS-IS drawings
  • Retrofill solutions are always provided with door adaptation kits