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EntelliGuard R Retrofill

Retrofill existing metal frame breaker cubicles with an EntelliGuard* G breaker

EntelliGuard R Retrofill helps make the most of your existing equipment.
Aging switchgear can often be a major cause of concern. Add to that the normal wear and tear on low-voltage circuit breakers to create a situation that may lead to a loss of system protection and reliability.

EntelliGuard R Retrofill provides a streamlined solution to update your legacy circuit breakers with a new EntelliGuard G Breaker, to give your existing switchgear a new lease on life. In addition to providing a host of new features, the EntelliGuard R Retrofill solution offers the option to include the EntelliGuard TU Trip Unit for both arc flash protection and selectivity at the same time. The EntelliGuard R offers a means to increase reliability and enhance the protection of your existing electrical system.

The EntelliGuard R Retrofill can provide savings right from the start because it makes the most of your existing equipment. Since it is 100% interchangeable with GE breakers, it:

  • requires little to no cubicle modifications, minimizing shut down time during replacement;
  • interfaces with the original cubicle secondary disconnects, position switches and neutral disconnects;
  • is compatible with shutters in existing breaker cubicles;
  • AK Retrofills utilize the EntelliGuard G lifting bar;
  • makes the secondary disconnect wiring connection with no modifications to your switchgear;
  • is available for GE and OEM built equipment.

Features and benefits

  • UL listed
  • Increases short circuit rating on AK25 and AKR30S while maintaining UL approval
  • Remote racking using the standard EntelliGuard G racking device
  • High quality modern mechanism means a lower maintenance breaker
  • Through-the-door racking for less exposure to electrical shock or arc flash
  • Single finger cluster design generates less heat and provides a solid, reliable connection when compared to designs with finger clusters on both the cassette and breaker
  • Easy field wiring of Retrofill with GE provided AS-IS drawings
  • Trip unit and all indicators are visible through the door, minimizing exposure to arc flash or electrical shock
  • Pre-punched doors available with or without holes for pilot lights and RELT switch for all stack widths


UL field-installable accessories include:

  • 8 NO/NC auxiliary contacts
  • Coil signaling contacts
  • Close coil and motor operator
  • Bell alarm
  • Shunt trips
  • Undervoltage releases
  • Network interlocks

EntelliGuard TU Trip Unit

  • Arc flash protection and selectivity at the same time
  • Metering, relaying, Modbus/Profibus, Waveform capture
  • Free set-up software
  • Ground fault alarm and RELT