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Carlon Blue Fan-rated Ceiling Box

Rated for a 50 lb. light fixture and 35 lb. ceiling fan, ABB’s Carlon Blue fan-rated ceiling boxes meet the latest industry requirements for ceiling fan support with vibration-proof screws through reinforced metal brackets to provide greater strength than plastic alone.

With nearly 20,000 people injured annually in the U.S. due to improperly installed ceiling fans, the National Electrical Code (NEC) has updated requirements for outlet boxes that support ceiling-suspended fans. ABB’s Carlon Blue fan-rated ceiling boxes meet the new standard and offer confidence, peace of mind and safety.

Above the rest.

  • Meets latest industry requirements for ceiling fan support
  • Rated for 50 lb. light fixture and 35 lb. ceiling fan 
  • Vibration-proof screws through reinforced metal brackets for greater strength than plastic alone 
  • Takes the guesswork out of selecting a fan-rated box
  • Extensively tested to meet code, UL listed with a minimum two-hour fire wall rating  
  • Sustainably produced at the ABB Installation Products Portland, Tennessee facility – the largest manufacturer of non-metallic electrical junction boxes in North America

NEW Carlon® Blue™ fan-rated ceiling box
Designed for new work applications, the 4” diameter round non-metallic boxes are available with an L-bracket for secure fan mounting or a 14 ⅜” to 22 ½" adjustable bar hanger to position the box between ceiling joists, with or without a grounding screw. ABB’s Carlon Blue fan-rated ceiling boxes conform to UL 514C and meet NEC 314.27 (C) requirements for use in both habitable and non-habitable rooms. Supports the weight, vibration and movement of ceiling fans.

  • Vibration-proof screws through reinforced metal brackets for greater strength than plastic alone
  • Hanger bar adjusts from 14 ⅜” to 22 ½" and positions the box between ceiling joists
  • Rated for 50 lb. fixture and 35 lb. fan support up to the full 22 ½" span


  • 2 ¾” and 3 ½” spaced light fixture/device mounting holes
  • Ceiling fan support with 3 ½” spaced mounting holes, screws supplied
  • Steel bracket with tapped holes for secure fan mounting
  • #10-32 screws for fan support (required for ceiling fan installation)
  • Built-in cable clamps hold wires securely in box
  • Fan load rating clearly visible inside box
  • Box volume: 20 cu. in.
  • Maximum number of wires in box: (10) #14 AWG, (8) #12 AWG or #10 AWG


  • Fire rating: 2 hours
  • Fan support: 35 lb. or less 
  • Fixture support: 50 lb. or less


  • Box: PVC
  • Bar hanger: steel
  • Fan support bracket: steel

Carlon® Blue™ helping make homes green 
ABB takes a circular approach to production to reduce environmental impact and preserve the Earth’s resources for future generations. Our method of repurposing scrap plastic from the injection molding processes in Portland, Tennessee creates new Carlon® Blue™ boxes and cuts the amount of waste we send to the landfill by nearly 10 metric tons each month. With 100% recyclable packaging, we further address the volume of plastic waste and have reduced packaging by 100,000 pounds per year. 

Third-party verified EPD
To help support our customers’ circularity goals, we achieved a third-party verified Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for the Carlon® Blue™ non-metallic boxes product line produced and tested in Portland, Tennessee. Helping empower customers to make informed decisions, we looked at the entire lifecycle from design and materials to production, distribution and use of our Carlon Blue non-metallic boxes through end-of-life and identified:

  • Energy usage
  • Resource consumption 
  • Emissions  

This EPD assures customers that ABB is committed to understanding and minimizing our negative environmental impact from innovation to installation.

Be confident using authentic Carlon® Blue™ electrical solutions, which are extensively tested to meet code and deliver reliable and safe power. Look for Carlon® branded electrical boxes, fittings and accessories at retailers and electrical distributors.