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Carlon Non-metallic Boxes & Accessories

Carlon® non-metallic boxes and accessories are widely recognized as the industry standard to deliver reliable and safe power. Trusted by contractors and do-it-yourselfers for a wide range of new work and home improvement projects, Carlon electrical junction boxes are designed for quick and easy installation, code compliance and durability. From wall outlets and ceilings to TVs and switches, Carlon offers all the accessories, sizes, enclosures and covers you need.


  • Safe & Durable: Carlon non-metallic electrical boxes are corrosion-resistant and non-conductive.
  • Quick Installation: Expect easy and fast installation with Carlon non-metallic boxes thanks to its use of knockouts or auto-clamps to secure the Romex or wire. The choice junction box of contractors, installers and DIYers.
  • Fire Resistant: All Carlon electrical boxes have a minimum two-hour fire wall rating and are UL listed.


Carlon® Deep Blue All-In-One Boxes
Carlon's largest and most versatile non-metallic box ever — in single or double-gang designs that work on wood or steel studs; in new or old work; with simple, fast installation. No box, checks more boxes™.

Carlon Blue® PVC Boxes
Feature PVC construction for easier installation, greater performance and lower installation cost. Designed and listed for use with nonmetallic sheathed cable in accordance with Article 314 of the National Electrical Code®, they make fast work of any residential or light commercial application.

Carlon SuperBlue® Boxes
All of the desired features of a PVC box with the strength and durability of the heavy wall boxes. Rigid enough not to flex when nailed to a stud and strong enough to withstand a hammer blow in cold temperatures.

Carlon Black Polycarbonate Boxes 
Rugged polycarbonate construction to withstand extreme temperatures. The boxes will not distort or soften in heat and they won’t become brittle in the cold.

Carlon High Heat Boxes
2-hour fire-rated boxes can be installed in the same stud cavity of a shared two-hour wall. Ideal for multi-family construction.

Carlon Phenolic Boxes
Phenolic boxes can be installed in the same stud cavity of a shared two-hour wall. They may also face opposite directions with only a 3" horizontal separation – ideal for multi-family construction.

Carlon Low Voltage Brackets
Brackets designed specifically for low voltage applications.