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Commercial & Industrial Grade Busway
Spectra* Series Low Amp

Spectra Series* Low Amp

Spectra Series low amp Busway is a custom designed modular electrical power distribution system and is available in both feeder and plug-in styles. Spectra Busway replaces wire and conduit in most applications with reduced installed costs and improved reliability.



Features and Benefits

  • New Joint Guard Protection System dynamically indicates proper joint tension through color for easy installation and maintenance.
  • justable Straight Length eliminates the need for special check pieces by adjusting from 48" to 60" in length at the job-site.
  • P4X Plug Outlet provides the industry's only automatic dead-front, finger-proof protection over plug outlets.
  • Lighter Weight mean faster installation than with other busway and lower installed cost that cable and conduit.
  • Field-adjustable isolation joint allows for ±5/8" per joint providing flexibility on the job-site.
  • Plug-assist allows for faster, easier installation of plugs which provide power to downstream devices.
  • Exclusive Bluecoat Epoxy Insulation provides the industry's longest insulation life of 50++ years.
  • Earth-Bond Integral Housing Ground provides a lower resistance ground path than internal ground bars.
  • DC Applications

Product Scope

  • Low Voltage (600V or less) Sandwich Busway
  • 225-800 amperes
  • Aluminum or Copper
  • Short Circuit Ratings up through 50kA for 3 cycles


  • Small and medium commerical and industrial applications
  • Indoor and Drip-proof IP43 enclosures
  • Not for hazardous locations
  • Not designed to be embedded in the ground or in concrete


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