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ABB Installation Products offers a wide range of power and grounding products for commercial, industrial and utility use, including products produced under the Blackburn® and Homac® brands.


Blackburn Compression Connectors
For a high-quality connection at a low installed cost, count on Blackburn compression connectors and the reliability of the Color-Keyed coding system to make inspections and certified installations easier.

Blackburn Grounding
Blackburn compression, mechanical and exothermic connectors and accessories represent the most comprehensive set of products in the industry for the creation of a safe, code compliant and reliable grounding systems.

Homac Substation Connectors
Homac Substation Connectors encompasses a broad line of high quality substation connectors at competitive prices, backed by superior customer service.

Blackburn® cast, forged, or formed mechanical connections, produced in economical copper and dual-rated aluminum, provide unequaled variety with a large variety of U.L. and C…
For a high-quality connection at a low installed cost, count on Blackburn® compression connectors and the reliability of the Color-Keyed® coding system to make inspections…
The Color-Keyed® system solution provides the best and most reliable connection.
The Color-Keyed® compression system ensures a proper crimp onto the conductor by matching the right connector to the right tool and die, using a color-coding system that was…
Pos-E-Kon® DIN-standard rectangular pin and sleeve connectors are modular for easy assembly at the customer site.
When you're dealing with electrical connections in wet, corrosive or hazardous environments, Russellstoll® plugs, connectors and receptacles provide power where you need it.