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300/400 Line Full Voltage Starters

ABB's 300-Line of NEMA rated controls is a complete offering of full voltage non-reversing, reversing, and multi-speed contactors and motor starters. The 300-Line is a proven product for the toughest industrial applications.

Features & Benefits

  • Full Line NEMA sizes 00-9 (600 volts / 1600hp maximum)
  • Combination or non combination starters
  • NEMA type 1, 3R,12,4 and 4x enclosures available in sizes 00-6
  • Tool-less contactor disassembly for quick inspection and maintenance of the contacts
  • Simple voltage coil change-out allows maximum configurability
  • Trip free overload relay mechanism for additional safety
  • Adjustable thermal bimetallic overload (+ 10 %) allows final adjustment at site application
  • Optional electronic overload includes adjustable phase current sensitivity and selectable trip class 10/20/30

Enhanced Product Features for Combination Starters Sizes 0 - 4

Expanded Options  

  • LED Pilot Lights
  • 200VA Extra Control Power Transformer
  • Quantity 2 Control Relays
  • Space Heater
  • 12 Point Terminal Board for field wiring
  • DIN Rail for field installed components
  • Combination of options (for example, Phase Failure Relay & Control Relay)

Other Product Enhancements to Combination Starters Sizes 0-4

  • Spectra Series Thermal-Mag & Mag-Break Circuit Breakers
  • New Enclosure Designs
  • Center point hanging for NEMA size 3 & 4 starters
  • Easy to remove conduit knockouts on type 1 enclosures
  • Conduit locators on type 3R, 12, & 4/4X enclosures (no conduit hubs)
  • Oversized enclosure without factory installed options

Important Changes

Discontinued Options on Combination Starters Sizes 0 - 4

  •  "Standard Duty" Type 1 push-buttons, selector switches, and pilot lights allowing for simplified standardization to one operator style for the entire family of combination starters regardless of enclosure type
  • 30A 250V Class H Fuse Clips for NEMA Size 1 are no longer available because fuse clip ratings are sized based on NEC 430-250 typical motor full-load currents
  • Specific Thermal-Mag & Mag-Break Circuit Breaker Ratings are no longer available because breaker ratings are sized based on NEC 430-250 typical motor full-load currents. For example, NEMA Size 1, 460V, 50A Thermal-Mag Breaker amp rating is no longer available

Enclosure Dimensions for Combination Starters Sizes 0 - 4

  • NEMA Size 0 - 2, Type 1 Enclosure no dimensional change (except for fusible disconnect with 100A, 600V fuse clips)
  • For ALL other NEMA Sizes & Enclosure Types the enclosure dimensions have changed. Click here to see list of drawings.