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Capacitor Fuses

Full range current-limiting capacitor fuse, 5.5-23 kV, 6-65 A
Full range (partial range for 4.3/2.5 kV ratings) current-limiting, non-disconnecting capacitor fuse, 1.2-4.3 kV, rated continuous current 25-175 A
Outdoor current-limiting capacitor fuse, for voltage classes of 2.8, 5.5, 8.3, 15.5 and 23 kV, 8-80 A
For fusing individual capacitor units in standard outdoor equipment, 8 kV, 15/20 kV and 25 kV, 100 A
High-energy capability fuse for use in outdoor capacitor banks with many parallel capacitor units. 5.5-18.2 kV, 15-43 A