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Grid Hardware

Capacitor Fuses

Full range current-limiting capacitor fuse, 5.5-23 kV, 6-65 A
Full range (partial range for 4.3/2.5 kV ratings) current-limiting, non-disconnecting capacitor fuse, 1.2-4.3 kV, rated continuous current 25-175 A
Outdoor current-limiting capacitor fuse, for voltage classes of 2.8, 5.5, 8.3, 15.5 and 23 kV, 8-80 A
For fusing individual capacitor units in standard outdoor equipment, 8 kV, 15/20 kV and 25 kV, 100 A
High-energy capability fuse for use in outdoor capacitor banks with many parallel capacitor units. 5.5-18.2 kV, 15-43 A

Digital Substations

Arc fault protection solutions for both arc fault detection and elimination
Used when connecting protection relays to various types of wireless and wired communication media
Innovatively designed to help in solving challenging customer requirements and delivering high performance, cost-effectiveness, and efficiency
For new applications where reliable operation is essential, in harsh environments, or in existing installations where an exact replacement is required.
Used to check recent events or to select required settings in relays
Smart power distribution solutions for building smart grids
Protection of cable feeders and overhead lines with superior fault detection and location
Offering the widest range of products for the protection, control, measurement and supervision of power systems for IEC and ANSI applications.
Life cycle services for protection and control relays - full support from start to finish
Designed and manufactured to allow quick and easy multi-circuit testing of switchboard relays, meters, and instruments by any conventional system.

Medium Voltage Fused Cutouts

Used on overhead distribution systems to provide overcurrent protection up to 38 kV
Performs as an outdoor loadbreak switch, as well as a fused cutout for distribution systems, rated voltage 7.8 - 34.5 kV
Provides reliable overcurrent protection for equipment that may be damaged by system overload or fault conditions
Enclosed in a polymer concrete housing for the 2.6 to 7.8 kV range where space is tight

Medium Voltage Reclosers

Single-phase, self-powered vacuum interrupting recloser
Solid dielectric vacuum recloser for smart grid applications up to 38kV
A flexible and reliable recloser for grid modernization and optimization

Medium Voltage Sectionalizers

Isolating devices that helps increase reliability and continuity of service