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Eagle – Single Phase Recloser

ABB’s Eagle is a single phase self-powered vacuum interrupting recloser. It can be mounted directly to the pole as a new installation or a replacement to oil filled single-phase reclosers. It can be installed separately on single phase laterals or in a group of three for a three-phase lateral circuit.

Eagle recloser drastically improves the reliability indices for utilities simply by eliminating the sustained interruptions experienced by the customers due to fuse-blowing schemes and momentary interruptions due to fuse-saving schemes. By reducing the number of truck rolls, the utility can save on operational costs and at the same time avoid revenue losses due to outages.

Eagle provides highest interrupting rating among its class with higher BIL (basic insulation level) and continuous current rating providing application from major three-phase feeder laterals to the end-of-line single phase laterals.

Product range

Up to 27kV, 200A, 8kA

Features and benefits

  • Can be applied on circuits up to 27kV, 200A – avoiding need to stock multiple part numbers
  • High fault current rating (8 kA) allows installation across the feeder
  • Self-powered design eliminating the need for an external power source
  • “No arcing” operations to keep personnel safety intact
  • Battery-free operations provide a truly maintenance-free life cycle
  • Ability to restore power after an extended outage without the need for batteries
  • One-to-one replacement for hydraulic reclosers by using identical mounting and protection curves
  • Hassle-free web-based interface and secure Wi-Fi communication
  • Can function as a recloser, breaker, or a sectionalizer
  • Main operating handle for mechanical opening, closing and resetting without relying on battery backup
  • Mounting design that allows manual swing down open for a visual disconnect
  • Conventional open/close indicator cup semaphore and a LED beacon for lockout indication
  • Adaptable non-reclose and hot line tag modes
  • Wide selection of fuse, recloser and user programmable protection curves
  • Platform / device independent web-based user interface
  • Full event, security, loading and fault recording capability with GPS time stamps
  • 128-bit encryption with WPA2 level security for Wi-Fi connection
  • Cold load pickup and 2nd harmonic inrush blocking for each curve