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GridShield Recloser

The ABB GridShield® recloser is a flexible solution that minimizes operation and maintenance costs through extensive research and testing for optimal outdoor performance. Integrating the ABB solution in the grid is quick and easy as it can be paired with a choice of controllers - ABB RER620,ABB RER615, SEL651R, Beckwith M-7679.

Highly reliable and technically adept, whether performing three- or single-phase tripping, the GridShield recloser is ready for any challenge and geared to support the different needs of the distributed and smart grid of tomorrow. ABB reclosers are suitable for various applications, including feeder protection, loop control, etc. and allow full flexibility of use and superior results in fault detection isolation and restoration.

Product range

Up to 38kV, 1200A, 16kA

Features and benefits

  • Single-phase trip or three-phase tripping, available in a single tank or individual tanks for full installation and operation flexibility
  • Embedded dual voltage sensing for grid automation applications
  • Controller flexibility for installed base harmonization and training optimization
  • Rated at up to 38 kV, with unique 16 kA solid dielectric
  • High-impedance fault detection to be effective even in most difficult situations
  • Communication protocol flexibility: IEC 61850 native, Modbus and DNP or IEC 61850 and IEC 101/104
  • Site-ready units for quick and seamless installation and minimized time on site
  • Highest creep distance on the market ensures long-term performance in any environment
  • HCEP (Hydrophobic Cycloaliphatic Epoxy) is the best insulation for outdoor use, shedding water and debris, reducing the probability of flashovers even in heavily polluted areas
  • Simple, fast and safe maintenance as all the electronics are in the low voltage range, eliminating the need for a bucket truck to isolate potentials to service electronics
  • Easy integration with multiple controller options, including the RER620,RER615, SEL-651R or Beckwith M-7679, to accommodate any grid modernization application
  • ABB made vacuum interrupters, accurate current and voltage sensors and magnetic actuators are state of the art technology, included in any ABB GridShield recloser