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Load Centers

Load Centers

Residential Load Centers

PowerMark Gold Single Phase - USA - Load Centers
Copper bus. Galvanized box. Fast, easy installation.
PowerMark Gold Single Phase - Canadian CSA - Load Centers
Easy wiring. Combination surface/flush mount. Field installed feed-thru lugs.
PowerMark Gold Feed Thru Lug - ABB  Residential Load Centers
Single phase. Factory installed feed-thru lugs. Outdoor enclosure. Compact size.
PowerMark Plus Thermoplastic
Indoor/Outdoor. Factory installed equipment ground. Non-corrosive, durable enclosure.
PowerMark Gold - Main Generator Panel
Easy solution for a power outage. Configured to meet your needs.
PowerMark Gold Meter Socket - Load Centers
Durable, reliable. Easy installation.
GFCI PowerMark Gold* Spa and Pool Panel
Ground fault protection for pools and spas. Factory installed neutral and ground bar. Weatherproof enclosure.

Commercial/High-rise Residential

PowerMark Gold* Riser Panel
High-rise application. Single phase.
PowerMark Plus* Three Phase
High-rise residential application. Three phase.


OEM Single Phase / Three Phase Load Center
A comprehensive line for OEMs.

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