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ABB Ability™ Edge Industrial Gateway

Unlock your equipment´s full potential, on-edge or in-​cloud

The all-​new ABB Ability™ Edge Industrial Gateway is a powerful tool designed to monitor and control that simplifies existing gateways. It collects all field device and parameter data, creating one streamlined feed to your ABB Ability™ dashboard.

The Edge Industrial Gateway makes it possible to monitor all your connected low- and medium-voltage devices via the cloud or an on-premise system, with optional Wi-Fi and cellular connectivity.


  • Real-time power and energy monitoring dashboards via the cloud
  • AI-powered intelligent alerts that can be sent via text message and email
  • Up to 5 years of electrical data storage
  • Automated reporting on key metrics (e.g., energy cost, power quality)
  • Predictive maintenance dashboard on circuit breakers
  • Power and energy use forecasting tool
  • Runs on secure Microsoft Azure platform


  • Efficiency - By eliminating inefficiencies in the system and providing a higher level of control, ABB Ability Energy & Asset Manager can save 10% on utility bills alone and can help cut overall operational costs by up to 30%.
  • Reliability - Avoid downtime and the costs of unnecessary maintenance and equipment checks.
  • Lower OpEx – Simplify building management, reduce equipment and maintenance expenses—with savings of up to 30%.
  • Reduce costs – Comprehensive electrical system data collection makes comparative analysis, benchmarking, reporting, cost allocation and implementation of energy management strategies fast and easy.
  • Simple and scalable – Unmatched scalability and flexibility enable easy integration with complex supervision and management systems in single- and multiple-site applications.