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ReliaGear® SB Switchboard
When reliability matters, count on ReliaGear
ReliaGear SB Switchboard

ReliaGear® SB Switchboard

Your road to reliability!

ReliaGear SB features a safe, reliable design and groundbreaking Tmax XT plug-in circuit breakers to dramatically save time, labor, and cost while helping to ensure greater energy efficiency and reliability.


ReliaGear SB switchboards are the Safe, Smart, and Sustainable solution for projects of any size.

Take switchboard innovation to the next level

Safe. Smart. Sustainable.

With ReliaGear SB, you have angled lifting brackets enabling sections to be placed together without having to remove the brackets allowing for faster, more precise placement of switchboard sections next to each other.

The ReliaGear SB features plug-in, single-tool simplicity enabling easy, fast component installation or replacement in the field.

For even greater flexibility, circuit breakers can be installed anywhere on the bus stack.

Hinged gutter doors allow quick, convenient access for wiring of circuit breakers.

Spring-loaded circuit breaker plug-in connectors with plating durable enough to withstand repeated insertion and removal.

Levering features further reduce installation and removal forces.

This plug-in connector design uses the magnetic forces generated by a short circuit event to help make the connection even stronger and more reliable.

Fewer bolted joints mean less potential loose connections to check and retorque.

Features and Benefits

  • Finger-safe bus stack that meets IP20 standards
  • Spring-loaded circuit breaker plug-in connectors
  • Hinged splice plate with captive hardware
  • Components can be installed in as little as 20 seconds
  • Remote access to accurate information anywhere, anytime
  • Angled lifting brackets for fast placement


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