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Safety Control Devices
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Safety Control Devices

Safety control devices are used to start and stop dangerous machine movements.  


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One-Hand Control Devices
Used as a hold-to-run button (one Safeball™)

Safeball - Innovative and ergonomic machine control
Safeball™ is a spherical ball containing two embedded pushbutton switches, one on each side of the ball. Both buttons must be activated to start and operate a machine.

Three Position Devices

JSHD4 three-position device
JSHD4 three-position enabling device is used for troubleshooting, running tests, and programming.

Two-Hand Control Devices
JSTD-25 Two-Hand Control Stations - for use with two Safeball™

For a two-hand control device, the operator needs to have a Safeball for each hand to be able to operate a machine.

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