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Safeball™ - Innovative and ergonomic machine control

Reduce strain while helping keep machine operators away from hazards. Help improve ergonomics with a unique design, flexible mounting options and low activation force.  Use one Safeball™  as hold-to-run button, or two Safeball™  for two hand control for e.g. machines with manual loading/unloading.

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Features and benefits

  • Inspecta approved to EN ISO 12100:2010, EN 574+A1:2008. Suitable for Category 4/Ple with approved safety relay or safety PLC.
  • Can reduce the need for shrouding to prevent defeat, as the design helps reduce the ability to push all four push buttons in a two- Safeball™ design.
  • Optional protection coat allows the Safeball™ to be used in harsh environments.


Highest safety level

Safeball provides the operator with a dual switching function and short-circuit supervision in each hand.


Ergonomic design

The design of Safeball allows for the comfort of use for all hand sizes and a great variety in gripping positions. And there is no need for shrouding top covers to prevent defeat, as there is for two-hand devices with standard push buttons.


Flexible mounting

With the JSM C5 mounting bracket, Safeball can be orientated in the most ergonomic position for the operator.


Effortless activation

The actuation of Safeball requires a minimum amount of force, equal to a mouse click. This gives a distinct, but effortless activation and leads to greater ergonomics when used for both short and long periods of time.