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Safeball™ - Innovative and ergonomic machine control


Safeball is a spherical ball containing two embedded pushbutton switches, one on each side of the ball. Both buttons must be activated to start and operate a machine.  This reduces the risk of unintentional activation, with a simple and ergonic design.  Safeball can be used for either one-hand or two-hand applications.  


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Highest safety level

Safeball provides the operator with a dual switching function and short-circuit supervision in each hand.


Ergonomic design

The design of Safeball allows for comfort of use for all hand sizes and a great variety in gripping positions. And there is no need for shrouding top covers to prevent defeat, as there is for two-hand devices with standard push buttons.


Flexible mounting

With the JSM C5 mounting bracket, Safeball can be orientated in the most ergonomic position for the operator.


Effortless activation

The actuation of Safeball requires a minimum amount of force, equal to a mouse click. This gives a distinct, but effortless activation and leads to greater ergonomics when used for both short and long periods of time.

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