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Pluto Safety PLC

Simplify your system without sacrificing safety. Using a programmable safety controller reduces the need for multiple safety relays. Helps to minimize wiring connections by creating logic using the included software. Used for monitoring safety devices for machine and process control.

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Features and benefits

  • A ,B, & D models are Safety Bus capable, Up to 32 Pluto's on network, D models with analog safe inputs (0-10VDC, 4-20mA)
  • S models are stand-alone without Safety Bus network connectivity for smaller projects
  • Able to achieve highest level of safety PL e/SIL 3
  • Gateways for many protocols (DeviceNET, Ethernet, EtherCAT, ProfiNET, ProfiBus, Modbus TCP, etc.)
  • Telephone support at no charge
  • StatusBus functionality
  • TUV approved safety function blocks
  • Pluto Manager Software – No Charge, Download on our website, send your contact info to emailing
  • Easily exchange Pluto programmable safety controller in the field without the use of a computer
  • Able to use DYNlink capable devices as well as traditional dual channel devices.
  • AS-i models are available

Pluto Safety PLC

Features and benefits of Pluto with StatusBus

Simplified Status Monitoring Reduces Downtime

  • Status of up to 120 devices(30 devices for 4 inputs) connected to one Pluto Safety PLC
  • Up to four inputs on the Pluto can be configured for StatusBus = 120 StatusBus Devices
  • Status of Safety System is easily sent to HMI to be displayed, Reducing Downtime
  • M12 connectors for ease of installation
  • Supported by Smile, Inca, & Eden and other StatusBus devices
  • All Pluto models support the StatusBus functionality as long as they have OS 3 6 1 or higher
  • Pluto Manager v 2 26 or higher is necessary
  • Typically a StatusBus circuit takes a 5 pin cables but verify your application with the manual