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GKEY Gate Box

Reduce cabling and enhance functionality.  Combine locking and control all in a single housing and cable. Any arrangement of ABB Compact series push buttons, emergency stops, and selector switches can be installed.
This is used in applications with long stopping times and where it is important to prevent disturbance of the production process.

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GKEY safety lock incorporate an RFID interlock switch and is designed to fit to the leading edge of machine guard doors to provide robust guard locking and double tamper resistant interlock mechanism.

It is designed to provide position interlock detection for moving guards and will keep the guard locked until a voltage is applied to the switch solenoid.

GKEY safety lock will hold guards closed up to 3000 N. It can be used in conjunction with delay timers to provide the solenoid energize signal only after a pre-determined time has run down. GKey housing can incorporate positions for mounting of standard 22 mm pushbuttons, switches or lamps to facilitate machine request functions and diagnostics all in one housing. These pilot devices are ordered separately.


Features and Benefits

  • Escape release button included as well as safe locking and interlocking function.
  • LED indication as well as built-in RFID actuator for high-level coding of the key.
  • Reliable in mechanically demanding environments due to robust design ex. Sliding handle minimizes moving parts.
  • Both the locking function and the interlocking function of GKey TÜV-tested to the highest level of ISO-13849-1:2015 (Category 4/PLe) and IEC 62061:2005 + AC:2015(SIL3).
  • Can be padlocked to prevent closing the lock while performing work in the hazard area.
  • GKEY can be unlocked with a tool if necessary.
  • Power to unlock keeps doors locked even as a result of ex. power loss.
  • Hold guards closed with up to 3000N (674lbf) of force.
  • Modular design allows you to order just what you need.
  • M20 conduit entry.
  • ABB Compact Series push button can be used.