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Safety Sensors, Switches, Locks & Gate Boxes

ABB US has a full offering of safety sensors, switches, locks and gate boxes for use on doors, hatches, and other applications, from non-contact sensors to mechanical safety switches to both mechanical and magnetic locking safety switches. 

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Mechanical Safety Switches

Available in metal, plastic, stainless steel heads, or fully stainless steel

Multifunction Gate Box

A modular gate box capable of using any of the ABB compact push buttons for Machine Safety

Non-Contact Safety Sensors

ABB offers non-contact safety sensors used as interlocking devices for doors and safe position monitoring for machine safety.

The DynLink version of ABB's safety sensor that operates on RFID technology.
The Eden OSSD is the conventional dual-channel version that also operates on RFID technology with most safety relays and safety PLCs.
Sense – A dual-channel magnetic safety sensor

Safety Locks & Process Locks

Locking magnetic process lock using ABB DYNlink technology with built in Eden sensor.
Locking magnetic process lock with dual channel OSSD outputs with built in Eden sensor.
MKey 8, 8Z, 8ER, 8ERZ, 8M, 9, 9M – Used in guarding door and hatches
A robust switch combining both interlock and safety lock in the same product