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Evolution* Series Switchboards
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Evolution* Series Switchboards

Experience the future with the next generation of GE Switchboards


Evolution Series Switchboards deliver: 
  • Ease of installation 
  • Improved Arc Flash Mitigation 
  • Enhanced Selectivity 
  • Expanded Ratings 
  • Efficient Footprint



The Evolution Series Switchboard expands the GE switchboard product offering up to 6000A, reduces the footprint on the 5000A, and meets a wider range of code requirements.

Features            GE Spectra         GE Evolution
Maximum Amperage 5000A 6000A

Front Connected Neutral and Grounds

No Yes
Patented Splice Plate design for
simplified section connectivity
No Yes
5000A Dimensions 90 in. wide / 60 in. deep 50 in. wide / 50 in. deep

I-ZSI Solution

WavePro - MET EntelliGuard - MET
Maximum Voltage  600VAC 600VAC
Maximum Copper Bus Rating 800A/in.² at 5000A 667A/in.² at 6000A
4000A 100% Rated Stationary Dimensions None 45 in. wide / 45 in. deep

WavePro main uses 30 cycle

withstand, 200k bus brace,

sourced 1200A

EntelliGuard G, I-ZSI, 

1200A selective MET, 

Waveform recognition


Features and Benefits

Prepare for the future - today! 


Ease of Installation

Front access neutral and ground as well as splice plates for easier connections make working on Evolution Series Switchboards simpler, quicker, and safer. 


Improved Arc Flash Mitigation

Evolution accommodates the advanced technology built into GE EntelliGuard® circuit breakers and trip units:

  • Instantaneous Zone Selective Interlocking (I-ZSI) simultaneously provides arc fault protection and instantaneous selectivity - an industry first!
  • Reduced Energy Let Through (RELT)


Instantaneous trip allows a circuit breaker to be temporarily set to a more sensitive pickup to provide better protection during installation and maintenance, providing an added margin of safety for personnel. 


Enhanced Selectivity
Evolution Series Switchboards are compatible with Record Plus, Spectra and EntelliGuard circuit breakers.


Expanded Ratings
The Evolution Series provides expanded coverage for nearly every switchboard application: 
  • 6000A rating 
  • 667A/ bus density 
  • 4000A 100% rated stationary 
Efficient Footprint
The unique design of the front neutral space in the Evolution Series provides the clearance to accommodate additional breakers in a more efficient footprint.


Designed for 24/7 critical power applications
Evolution Series Switchboards are the ideal solution for projects where downtime is not an option. You can depend on them for 24/7 power, superior selectivity, and outstanding arc flash mitigation. They provide the foundation for power distribution systems in such applications as: 
  • Health care centers 
  • Data centers 
  • Lodging/hospitality 
  • High rise and low rise office buildings 
  • Educational institutions 
  • Stadiums 
  • Casinos 



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