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ReliaGear XFMR Low Noise

ABB Transformers - Low Voltage Dry Type

Low noise transformers are designed to operate at reduced noise levels. The vibrations within the magnetic steel core have been greatly reduced, thus lowering the humming of the transformer 3dB less than NEMA/ANSI standards.

Although they are quieter, installation can greatly influence their noise level. Closets and corners should be avoided as they act as megaphones by seemingly increasing noise levels. Care should be taken in following acoustical principles and proper installation procedures.


  • Great for noise-sensitive areas
  • Designed to help reduce operating costs
  • Easy access for installation and service


  • Unique core and coil design using grain-oriented silicon steel
  • Core and coil assemblies mounted on rubber isolation pads
  • Single piece front/back
  • Outward facing feet
  • Lifting eyes provided in top clamp
  • Lug kit included with most units up through 150kVA
  • Copper ground bar kit included with most units up through 150kVA
  • Copper ground strap

Technical specifications

  • 15 – 500kVA
  • Three-phase
  • 220°C insulation system
  • 150°C, 115°C or 80°C rise
  • Copper or aluminum windings
  • NEMA 1 and/or 2 drip-proof enclosure
  • Weather shield available for field conversion to NEMA 3R
  • NEMA 3R stainless steel (Type 316) available through 150kVA

Certifications and standards

  • DOE Standards
  • Seismic qualified


  • Schools
  • Office buildings
  • Medical facilities