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Low Voltage Dry Type Vented Transformers

ABB comprehensive line Low Voltage Dry Type Transformers includes General Purpose, Vented, Non-Ventilated, Encapsulated, Enclosed and Control Power Core & Coil units. 

ABB Low Voltage Dry Type Transformers are built to last and are designed with exclusive features.  With easy installation and all of the specifications you trust, it’s easy to see why ABB QL dry-type transformers are preferred by contractors. Our Type QL transformers meet DOE 2016 efficiency standards. They are available with aluminum or copper windings and in all three temperature rise ratings.

For applications requiring a 3-wire secondary voltage for 120/240 V systems.
Reliable, energy-efficient design for general purpose lighting and electrical applications. 
Reliable, energy efficient design and extra quiet operation.
ABB’s type QL K-Factor transformers are designed to withstand the additional heating that accompanies the presence of harmonics in electrical systems.
Our low noise transformers operate at reduced noise levels. The vibrations within the magnetic steel core have been greatly reduced, thus lowering the humming of the…
Guard I™ noise isolation transformers provide common mode noise attenuation and transverse mode noise attenuation.
Guard II™ transformers incorporate the same electrostatic shield as the Guard I plus additional noise and surge suppression components
Guard III™ Harmonic Mitigating Transformers help eliminate harmonics, improve power quality, and help save energy by reducing the energy (heating) losses. They maintain…
Three Phase Servicenter: Integral Transformer and Distribution Panel
Drive Isolation Transformer (DIT) is designed to specifically handle the mechanical stresses, voltage distortions, and harmonics associated with SCR applications.