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Transformers - Low Voltage Dry Type

Low Voltage Dry Type Vented Transformers

For applications requiring a 3-wire secondary voltage for 120/240 V systems.
Reliable, energy-efficient design for general purpose lighting and electrical applications. 
Reliable, energy efficient design and extra quiet operation.
ABB’s type QL K-Factor transformers are designed to withstand the additional heating that accompanies the presence of harmonics in electrical systems.
Our low noise transformers operate at reduced noise levels. The vibrations within the magnetic steel core have been greatly reduced, thus lowering the humming of the…
Guard I™ noise isolation transformers provide common mode noise attenuation and transverse mode noise attenuation.
Guard II™ transformers incorporate the same electrostatic shield as the Guard I plus additional noise and surge suppression components
Guard III™ Harmonic Mitigating Transformers help eliminate harmonics, improve power quality, and help save energy by reducing the energy (heating) losses. They maintain…
Three Phase Servicenter: Integral Transformer and Distribution Panel
Drive Isolation Transformer (DIT) is designed to specifically handle the mechanical stresses, voltage distortions, and harmonics associated with SCR applications.

Low Voltage Dry Type Non-Ventilated Transformers

TENV transformers are recommended where dust, dirt, or lint may be present or where transformers are subject to sprays or controlled wash-down conditions.

Low Voltage Dry Type, Encapsulated, Enclosed Transformers

QB and QMS transformers feature encapsulated core and coils in a NEMA 3R nonventilated weatherproof enclosure.
Single Phase or combine to create three-phase autotransformers, ranging from 0.05 kVA to 3 kVA; Primary voltages: 120, 240 or 480 V. Secondary voltages: 12, 16, 24, 32, or 48…
Encapsulated core & coil fully encapsulated isolation transformer in a painted NEMA 3R non-ventilated enclosure with IP 20 wiring compartment.
Single-phase integrated main breaker load center with encapsulated dry type transformer ranging from 5 kVA to 25 kVA. . Includes breakers for primary input and secondary…

Control Power & Machine Tool Encapsulated, Core & Coil Transformers

0.025 kVA – 1.5 kVA Encapsulated open core & coil transformer for 50/60 Hz applications. Various voltages are available for international use.
0.05 kVA – 3 kVA General purpose encapsulated open core & coil transformer for general applications.
0.05 kVA – 3 kVA Encapsulated open core & coil transformer for use where high in-rush currents are needed.
T and X series encapsulated open core and core coil transformer for 50/60 Hz applications.