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Type IP Machine Tool Single Phase

Machine tool core and coil transformers are isolation transformers designed to provide a high degree of secondary voltage stability (regulation) during a brief period of overload condition (also referred to as “inrush current”). They are ideal for applications where power regulation and space optimization are critical. Machine tool core and coil transformers feature welded cores to deliver outstanding performance, long life, and quiet operation.

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Key Benefits

• Variety of input and output voltages
• Compact design for a small footprint to fit tight spaces
• IP 20 finger-safe terminals (no covers needed)
• Welded core keeps vibration and audible noise low and consistent over time
• Encapsulated coils help prevent corrosion and  minimize noise
• Fuse block kits accessories for flexible input and/or output overcurrent protective devices
• High inrush currents provide the best possible power regulation during overload events

Key Features

• IP 20 rated terminal block
• Welded core
• Encapsulated coils
• 60 Hz operating frequencies
• High inrush current capable
• Fuse block kits available

Technical Features

• Capacity range:  0.05 - 3 kVA
• Single-phase
• 60 Hz
• 55 °C, 80 °C, 100 °C, 115 °C winding temp ranges at 40 °C ambient
• 180 °C NEMA/UL insulation temp. class; IEC 60085 insulation Class A, F or H
• Copper windings
• Welded steel core provides quiet operation with sustainable strength and durability
• Input voltages up to 600 V

Certification, Classifications, Standards

• UL & cUL listed (XPTQ:E323774, XPTQ2:E323774 and XPTQ7:E323774)
• Seismic Rated to CBC 2019 and IBC 2018 requirements


• Circuits needing high inrush current
• Equipment manufacturers
• Conveyors
• Control cabinets
• Amusement parks
• Industrial control panels (UL 508)