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How to reduce exposure to arc flash hazards
Multiple solutions for new and existing facilities
Arc Flash Hazard Protection

Arc flash hazard exposure is a function of fault clearing time at an arcing current and a worker's distance from the event. Multiple techniques can be employed to limit exposure.

ABB delivers multiple products and services that reduce exposure in both new and existing facilities.

ABB Service: How to reduce exposure to arc flash hazards
Arc flash services

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Arc flash protection & remediation



Reduce incident energy


Deploy preventative maintenance capability


Minimize event equipment damage


Shield personnel / add distance

Digital switchgear & ABB Ability monitoring


Arc resistant equipment    

Arc flash mitigation MCC units


Load interrupter switch


ZSI/Arc protection relays


Trip unit upgrades


Current limiting devices


Remote racking devices      

Arc flash hazard analysis      

Service maintenance program / scheduled outage


Current-limiting circuit breakers

Current-limiting circuit breakers are fast-acting and limit the amount of incident energy. ABB offers the following circuit breakers with current-limiting technology:

Thermal-magnetic, Current Limiting¹:
Electronic, Current Limiting¹:


¹ Many MCCBs not labeled or UL Listed as current limiting may be current limiting under some fault conditions. It cannot be assumed that any circuit breaker not labeled current limiting always takes a certain amount of time to clear. Time-current curves may show clearing times in excess of ½ or 1 cycle, but the circuit breaker may clear in less than ½ cycle.

²As part of the continuing development of a new, leading-edge and comprehensive one-line construction package, the Spectra and RecordPlus breakers (except for FB) will be retired and replaced by the Tmax XT circuit breakers in traditional GE Industrial Spectra series and ReliaGear neXT power panelboards, A-line lighting boards, switchboards, busway plugs and motor control centers.


Industry leadership

Through continuous research, product development, technical publications and industry support, ABB helps lead the way in arc flash hazard reduction by:

  • Continuously conducting field surveys to address concerns that relate to arc flash protection
  • Investing in research and development of products that help reduce the risks of arc flash
  • Supporting industry-wide efforts, such as our sponsorship and participation in Plant Engineering’s Arc Flash University and in IEEE events
  • Offering training on NFPA70E and Electrical Safety


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