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Power Break* II Retrofill

GE discontinued manufacturing of the Power Break I circuit breaker in 2008, and the remaining inventories of these breakers have now been depleted.


Fortunately, GE's next generation of circuit breakers, Power Break II, provided a useful platform for developing a retrofill kit for the now obsolete Power Break I models. Since the Power Break II breakers are not drop-in replacements, GE has developed an engineered retrofill solution that will serve the needs of end-users with both fixed-mounted and draw-out versions of the Power Break I breakers.


Features and Benefits

  • Compact, lightweight design
  • Optional mechanical counter
  • Padlock device standard
  • Easy-to-reach ON/OFF buttons
  • Choice of trip units - field upgradeable to EntelliGuard* TU trip unit, UL and CSA Listed, and IEC 947-2 Certified
  • Padlockable door provides added security
  • Drop-in shunt trip, undervoltage release, and bell alarm (with and without manual lockout) modules
  • Flush-mounted pump handle


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