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SACE® Tmax® T complements SACE Tmax XT for a complete range of molded case circuit-breakers up to 3200 A. All the circuit-breakers, both three-pole, and four-pole are available in fixed versions.

Tmax T5-T7 are now obsolete. Please refer to the Tmax T5-T7 to Tmax XT Cross Reference guide for more information. Tmax T for special applications (PV) remains an active offering.


High breaking capacity in compact dimensions
High values of short circuit breaking capacity are guaranteed at different voltage levels, without compromising overall dimensions.

Flexibility of use
Thermomagnetic and electronic trip units are available for use in AC/DC or in AC only. 

Advanced protection
A complete range of electronic trip units suitable for a different level of protection, even enhancing selectivity values with Early Fault Detection and Prevention algorithms.

Product offering

Tmax T - UL 
Tmax T8 has undergone a severe sequence of testing in accordance with UL 489 to obtain UL listing and marking. Certification in accordance with UL 489 has been extended to the most common accessories as well.

Tmax T - PV
The Tmax PV range of molded-case circuit-breakers and switch-disconnectors for photovoltaic applications offers an increasingly comprehensive, leading-edge solution that anticipates the market trends.  As a global leader in this area, ABB continues to update its range by proposing a series of products to UL and IEC Standards for protecting and isolating systems up to 1500V DC and 800V AC, thereby anticipating the most advanced PV plant construction trends. The goal is to enhance the energy efficiency and running economy of the photovoltaic plants due to a decisive increase in operating voltage in both the DC and AC sections.

Tmax T - VF
Tmax VF and Emax VF are an innovative solution for protecting plants with variable frequency for applications in wind, mini-hydro electric, wave, and traction power sectors. Tmax VF is a first on the market, with circuit breakers that are able to operate in a range of frequencies from 1 to 200Hz.
Benefits of this new range of circuit breakers for applications at variable frequency are:

  • Optimal protection of generators and users against overload and short-circuit over the whole range of frequencies from 1 to 200Hz;
  • Compatibility with all types of generators, even in overspeed running, thanks to the high rated voltage of the circuit-breakers (up to 1000V);
  • Standardized switchboard design and optimized stock management thanks to IEC circuit-breaker marking.

Tmax T - 1000V DC and 1150V AC
Over the past few years, there has been an increasing requirement for high service voltage in industrial plants. ABB's Tmax T has been focusing on high demanding applications so that customers could find a reliable solution for any application need.

The Tmax T4, T5, and T6 range of circuit breakers can be used for applications in direct current up to 1000 V or in alternating current up to 1150 V.  Typical applications include installations in mines, road, and railway tunnels, electrical transport, or general industrial applications.

Tmax T - ML (a family of circuit breakers for naval applications)
Low-voltage, shockproof circuit breakers for naval electrical installations that require availability and continuity of service.
The Tmax T ML series features enhancements to the standard circuit breaker that guarantees operation under stressful conditions:

  • Shock resistance up to 20g ( IEC 60068-2-27 and BR8470)
  • High temperatures and humidity range in a saline atmosphere; ML circuit breakers can be used in ambient conditions where air temperature varies between -25 °C and +70 °C (-13 °F and +158 °F)
  • Presence of vibrations that are persistent and have a high amplitude in specific frequency ranges


  • Power distribution
  • Energy metering
  • Motor protection
  • Early Fault Detection and Prevention