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TEY Lighting Panel Circuit Breakers

TEY Circuit Breakers have dependable and effective thermal-magnetic trip units with time-current curves designed for easy coordination with upstream main devices. Multiple short circuit tiers (TEY - 14kA, TEYF - 18kA, TEYD - 25kA, TEYH-35kA, and TEYL-65kA) allow the most cost effective ratings for the particular application.

Two and three-pole breakers may be fitted with a range of internal accessories (shunt trip, undervoltage release, auxiliary switch, bell alarm). When fitted to the three-pole mounting base, the TEY family circuit breakers can be used in unit mount/lug-lug type installations.

For product information or questions, call 1-800-431-7867 or 1-800-GE-1STOP.


Features and benefits

  • Thermal-Magnetic Trip System
  • Ambient Compensating
  • Short Circuit Ratings to:  65kA @ 480/277 VAC;  100kA @ 240VAC
  • 15-125A in 1” Per Pole Spacing
  • 1-, 2-, and 3-Pole Versions
  • Multiple Short Circuit Tiers
  • Cost Effective Protection
  • Mounting Base for Unit-Mount Installations