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Elastimold™ Solid Dielectric Reclosers – Three-phase up to 38 kV
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Elastimold™ Solid Dielectric Reclosers – Three-phase up to 38 kV

Elastimold™ solid dielectric reclosers are 33% lighter than typical units today, so they’re easier and less expensive to install. Modular design means smart grid sensors can be added more quickly and simply. Our reclosers are compatible with industry leading controls. 
Elastimold customer support, technical expertise and collaborative working relationships with customers mean that you will have the information needed, when you need it.
Smart - Built for the evolving Smart Grid with integral load-side voltage sensors and provision to add optional source-side voltage sensors. Compatible with industry-leading control brands.
Light - Internal diaphragm and silicone rubber sheds reduce the weight.
Flexible - The Elastimold recloser is modular, making field upgrades and retrofits fast and easy. The three-phase model weighs 30% less than typical reclosers. The single-phase recloser has a pole-rotation mounting bracket for easier installation. Single-phase or triple-single phase configurations are also available.
Innovative - Simple, maintenance-free magnetic actuator mechanism increases reliability, and 360° position indicator provides easy visibility from ground level.

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