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Elastimold Solid Dielectric Reclosers – Three-phase up to 38 kV

Elastimold™ molded vacuum reclosers help electric utilities minimize service outages to their customers. These medium voltage reclosers sense and interrupt fault currents on 15 kV to 38 kV overhead distribution lines and quickly restore service after momentary outages without requiring the intervention of a dispatched crew. The combination of Elastimold recloser with microprocessor-based recloser control accurately detects a wide range of line disturbances and provides reliable, high-speed isolation for adverse conditions.

Elastimold three-phase reclosers use vacuum interruption with solid dielectric insulation, containing no oil or greenhouse gases, for virtually maintenance-free operation and lower total cost of ownership.

Smart — Built for the evolving smart grid with integral load-side voltage sensors and provision to add optional source-side voltage sensors. Compatible with industry-leading recloser control brands.
Light — An internal diaphragm and silicone rubber sheds reduce the weight to no more than 211 lbs. for the three-phase unit, making installation easier and less costly.
Flexible — The Elastimold recloser is modular, allowing for fast and easy field upgrades and retrofits.
Innovative — The simple, maintenance-free magnetic actuator mechanism increases reliability, and the 360° position indicator provides easy visibility from ground level.

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