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Modular Metering

Modular Metering

Meter Mod III

Fusible Main Switch Module with Integral Pull Box
Provides a separate pull box compartment, independent of the main switch section, for the utility to terminate its service.
Fusible Main Switch Modules
When a fused disconnect detects an issue, it will quickly open the circuit and shut off power to the system it is monitoring providing a safe and reliable solution.
GE Meter Stack Modules - Single- and Three- Phase
Modular meter centers are used for multi-family dwellings such as duplexes or apartment buildings.
Main Breaker Modules
Serves as a single point of disconnect and overcurrent protection.
Main Lug Modules
Provides bus-mounted lugs for connection to the incoming feed to provide power to the meter modules of the left and/or right sides of the unit.
Main Pull Box Modules
Pull boxes are used along with conduit to simplify wiring installation, hence their name. They are metallic enclosures that provide a way to pull conductors long distances.
TMQV Tenant Main Breakers
Used in Multi-Family applications in conjunction with the Meter Mod III main modules and meter stacks.

Mini Mod III

Mini Mod III Metering Devices
A cost-effective solution for multi-family units. This self-contained metering device consists of main lugs and two-to-six meter sockets in one enclosure.
TMQV Tenant Main Breakers
Used in Multi-Family applications in conjunction with the Mini Mod III devices.

Single Meter Sockets

Single Meter Sockets
For commercial and residential applications, single meter sockets are needed to allow the utilities to install a meter to monitor and hook up power.

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