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Modular Metering

Meter Mod III

Provides a separate pull box compartment, independent of the main switch section, for the utility to terminate its service.
When a fused disconnect detects an issue, it will quickly open the circuit and shut off power to the system it is monitoring providing a safe and reliable solution.
For use in multi-family dwellings such as duplexes or apartment buildings. Meter Modules are available with two to six-meter compartments that are self-contained.
Serves as a single point of disconnect and overcurrent protection.
Provides bus-mounted lugs for connection to the incoming feed to provide power to the meter modules of the left and/or right sides of the unit.
Pull boxes are used along with conduit to simplify wiring installation, hence their name. They are metallic enclosures that provide a way to pull conductors long distances…
Used in Multi-Family applications in conjunction with the Meter Mod III main modules and meter stacks.

Mini Mod III

A cost-effective solution for multi-family units. This self-contained metering device consists of main lugs and two-to-six meter sockets in one enclosure.
Used in Multi-Family applications in conjunction with the Mini Mod III devices.

Single Meter Sockets

For commercial and residential applications, single meter sockets are needed to allow the utilities to install a meter to monitor and hook up power.

Horizontal Metering